septiembre 7, 2014

Networking and the Globalization of Indifference

Since taking office, Pope Francis has frequently called attention to the Janus-faced nature of globalization. On the one hand, the […]
agosto 29, 2014

Networking and the Jesuit 4th Vow

I’m sure you know that we, the Jesuits, have a fourth vow. Beyond the three classic religious vows – poverty, […]
agosto 24, 2014

An Ignatian Advocacy Network in Ecology

Do Jesuits and their collaborators have something to say and do about ecology? Apparently they do. In fact, in 2008, […]
agosto 11, 2014

The real measure of our Schools.

This story is about a boy in the 1970s who attended a Jesuit high school in Manhattan. I took the […]
agosto 4, 2014

Always Looking To The Mission

Frequently we say that one of the characteristics of modernity is pluralism. We have ceased to be a homogeneous world, […]
julio 28, 2014

Six Months Milestone. Thanks!!

Do you realize that Jesuit Networking has been online for 6 months already? In January when we started with our three lines […]
julio 27, 2014

Jesuits and organizational excellence

Today, most managers or leaders know this: an organization or a company is a complex thing. Having a nicely engineered […]
julio 21, 2014

The Planet is our Home

We have a mission of reconciliation with God, with others and with creation. We also have many new challenges and […]
julio 14, 2014

New JCAP Migration Network

A network on migration has been formed within the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, comprising Jesuit institutions working on the […]
julio 7, 2014

Global Environment Outlook

Globally there are moves to shift institutions in society from investing in fossil fuel business, from another end there are […]
junio 30, 2014

Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources Network

Natural and mineral resources provide abundance, providence, and the means with which to enhance our wellbeing and dignity. However, the […]
junio 22, 2014

How 20th century Jesuit scientists activated a network

In 1902, Joaquim da Silva Tavares, Cândido de Azevedo Mendes and Carlos Zimmermann, naturalists and teachers of natural sciences at […]