noviembre 16, 2015

The Jesuit Martyrs of the UCA and their Companions

While we join together at the Networking for Justice Encounter in Loyola, we will commemorate the 26th anniversary of the assassination (16 November 1989) of the 6 Jesuits and their two companions, Elba and Celina Ramos.
noviembre 16, 2015

Arrupe, Network Weaver

November 14th is a key date in the Society of Jesus. Today, Pedro Arrupe would have turned 108 years old, and we also celebrate the anniversary of the launch of one of his best intuitions. Today, the Jesuit Refugee Service, celebrates its 35th anniversary.
noviembre 11, 2015

Press Release: Networking for Justice

The Society of Jesus seeks the best way to respond to the injustice of a world that has shattered all records on the number of people fleeing war, poverty, environmental damage, and the absence of opportunities.
octubre 19, 2015

Networks are the new level of agency

Adaptation to a globalized context is in the Jesuit genes. Already Saint Ignatius promoted a universal vision clearly present in the contemplation of the Incarnation (EE 102), which translates into a hitherto unknown sense of being sent out on a global apostolic mission,
octubre 19, 2015

Responding to the invitation to network

There are several initiatives that have merged in the Ignatian environment to respond to the mandate launched by the 35th General Congregation to enhance global networking in the Society of Jesus, but it is worth highlighting two of them:
octubre 19, 2015

Networking for Justice

From November 16th through the 20th, an international meeting entitled "Networking for Justice" will take place in Loyola, Spain gathering the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN), the social coordinators of all of the Apostolic Conferences of the Society of Jesus
octubre 13, 2015

Can education be adapted to new global realities?

A network of Jesuit teachers in Catalonia, Spain, along with parents and students believe so, and this is why they have started […]
septiembre 28, 2015

How might we…design for change?

We Love Reading: Refugee-led Reading Circles “Reading aloud is an important tool to plant the love of reading in children”, […]
septiembre 21, 2015

A Historic Visit: Pope Francis and Ignatian-inspired initiatives

Facebook and Twitter feeds abound with stories and highlights surrounding Pope Francis’ historic visits to Cuba and the United States […]
septiembre 14, 2015

Networking – Evolution within the Church

It is common in the application of the modern sciences to the events of the world around us to speak […]
septiembre 7, 2015

Igniting the Ignatian Spirit of Business

Recently, Jesuit business school representatives gathered in Montevideo, Uruguay for the 21st World Forum of the International Association Jesuit Business […]
agosto 31, 2015

Boston College Jesuit Bibliography: The New Sommervogel Project

For the past two years, I have been an assistant editor for an innovative digital humanities project entitled Boston College […]