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In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services of
the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the identification
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Calle Maldonado, 1. Planta 3.
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Recorded at the Foundations Register of the Spanish Ministry of the
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The following General Conditions govern the use of and access to
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● Not to use any of the materials or information contained on this website
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●  Users shall be liable for any losses of any kind that they may cause to
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Users may actively participate under certain sections and tools made
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In order to participate in the Blogs, users must identify themselves, and
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The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation, through its directors,
reserves the right to edit or remove any messages and to prevent any
users who breach the rules governing the use of these tools from
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not under any circumstances or at any time be deemed to be a limitation of
the user’s fundamental right of freedom of speech.
For the purpose of example and by no means for the purpose of limitation
or exclusion, users of the Blogs expressly undertake
as follows:
● Not to post or distribute content or propaganda that is racist,
xenophobic, pornographic, or that justifies terrorism, or that infringes the
fundamental rights and liberties of the individual; and in general terms,
that contravenes the principles of lawfulness, responsibility, protection of
human dignity, and the protection of children.
● Not to post or to use the Blogs to launch attacks, insults, provocations,
personal criticism, or post content using inappropriate or unsuitable
language, irrespective of whether such content is directed at a participant
or not. Likewise, no allegations or accusations of any kind may be made.
● Not to post or distribute advertising or commercial and/or promotional
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Alegría Foundation. Likewise, Blog users are not authorized to post chain
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● Not to post or distribute viruses or harmful software that could cause
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● Not to post content (including images, audio, photographs, videos, texts,
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(including trademarks, commercial names, distinctive graphics) without
having the express authorization of the respective owners or holders of the
Users acknowledge and accept that any comment and/or opinion they
express and that is published shall be their sole responsibility for all
purposes. As such, users shall be directly liable for the losses caused to
third parties deriving from use of the Blog, as well as for the losses caused
where what they post is unlawful, untrue, inaccurate, immoral, and for all
information and opinions they post or make accessible to other users
and/or to visitors at
The, website, the pages that make it up, and the
information or elements they contain (including texts, documents,
photographs, drawings, graphic representations, inter alia), as well as
logos, trademarks, or any other distinctive signs, are all protected by
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Users undertake to use the contents diligently and correctly, in accordance
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The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation authorizes users to view the
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Users are not authorized to distribute, alter, assign, or publicly
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6.- LINKS.
Connections and links to third-party sites or websites have been included
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The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation accepts no liability deriving
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that create and/or administer the said contents, or the owners of the
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La Fundación Entreculturas Fe y Alegría no asume ninguna
responsabilidad derivada de la existencia de enlaces entre los contenidos
de este sitio y contenidos situados fuera del mismo o cualquier otra
mención de contenidos externos a este sitio. Tales enlaces o menciones
tienen una finalidad exclusivamente informativa y, en ningún caso,
implican el apoyo, aprobación o relación alguna entre la Fundación
Entreculturas Fe y Alegría y las personas o entidades autoras y/o
gestoras de tales contenidos o titulares de los sitios donde se encuentren.
In order to create links with the website, the express
written authorization of the Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation shall
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The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation does not warrant
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or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are beyond its control or
contrary to its wishes, or caused by the existence of software viruses on
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The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation does not accept any liability
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● Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, delays, jams, or
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In the event of a dispute or conflict deriving from the interpretation or
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