julio 14, 2017

CLC International Family Encounter

The CLC World Executive Council in partnership with Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid, Spain, will be carrying out the International Formation […]
julio 5, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS | World Union Alumni Meeting in Cleveland 2017

From June 28-July 2, 2017, the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) met for the first time ever in North America, at John Carroll […]
junio 26, 2017

Global meeting | World Union of Jesuit Alumni meets in the US this week

WUJA Congress 2017, a global conference of Jesuit alumni and friends is being held June 28 — July 2, 2017 at […]
junio 19, 2017

June 20th: Education opens the world – a joint effort of JRS and Entreculturas for refugees

To mark this year’s World Refugee Day, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and Entreculturas are launching “Education opens the world”, […]
junio 12, 2017

COMPARTE network: Collaboration for Sustainable Economies

From May 15th-21st, delegations from 9 Latin American countries and from different parts of Spain joined together in the Basque […]
junio 5, 2017

Applying Ignatian-Inspired Practices to Business Education

Tina Facca Miess, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the MA in Nonprofit Administration at the Boler School […]
mayo 31, 2017

Global Survey on Collaboration and Networking

“Because of the magnitude and interconnectedness of the challenges we face, it is important to support and encourage the growing […]
mayo 29, 2017

REPAM: Pan Amazonian Network advocates for the rights of indigenous people at theUnited Nations

The Panamazonian Network (REPAM), was created in 2014 as a response to the urgent need to take care of the harmonic life […]
mayo 19, 2017

23rd IAJBS Annual World Forum: Can a sharing economy and a collaborative society be sustainable?

The sustainability of a sharing economy and a collaborative society is the focus of the 23rd Annual World Forum of […]
mayo 9, 2017

Networking for Islamic-Christian dialogue

Fostering dialogue with Islam is one of the apostolic priorities of the Society of Jesus in the world, and particularly […]
abril 19, 2017

Interview: Are Jesuit and Ignatian schools working as a Global Network?

Educate Magis has the mission to create a vibrant online community that will connect educators from our Jesuit and Ignatian […]
abril 11, 2017

Ready for a Jesuit Network? Key Factors for Success

Fruit of learning acquired in previous experiences, we can affirm that that there are a series of factors which contribute […]