junio 29, 2016

7 Key Points on Networking and New Leadership

A few months ago, national directors of Fe y Alegría, one of the largest Jesuit educational networks, gathered together in […]
junio 27, 2016

Networking: A Sure Way to Building a Just Society

Introduction “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” These words that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. penned from the […]
junio 20, 2016

World Refugee Day Message from JRS International

As human beings, we are at the mercy of nature, at the mercy of governments, at the mercy of leaders, […]
junio 13, 2016

Edujesuit launches "Right to Education, Right to Hope"

Every boy and girl, every adolescent and grown up have the right to education from the moment they are born. […]
junio 6, 2016

Why should Europe welcome refugees?

For more than a year now in Europe we have been talking about the “refugee crisis.” But in fact there […]
mayo 23, 2016

Challenges of Networking for Justice: Insights from CPAL

The three biggest challenges I find when working in networks include: first, overcoming the idea that the mission “is mine”, […]
mayo 19, 2016

Networking: Keys to Digital Collaboration

Networking is a phenomenon that has frequently been empowered through social networks and online relationships. Every network has its own […]
mayo 4, 2016

Jesuit institutions endorse a joint statement for the World Humanitarian Summit

The First World Humanitarian Summit will take place next 23th and 24th May in Istanbul, Turkey aiming to find innovative […]
abril 29, 2016

“A crisis of solidarity. Solidarity in confronting the crisis.”

In these times of such deep and extended crisis, different sectors of the Society of Jesus in Spain have gathered […]
abril 20, 2016

Learning from Experiments in Networking in JCAP

The idea of networking was the centre of the 2013 annual social apostolate meeting in the Jesuit Conference of Asia […]
abril 11, 2016

Edujesuit, the Right to Education Network celebrates its first anniversary

During this week of April, the online communication tool of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) of the Right to […]
marzo 29, 2016

The role of NGOs in the coming years and the contribution of Jesuit organisations

The crisis of recent years in Spain has deeply affected the NGOs in development cooperation with drastic cuts in funding, […]