This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the general conditions. By
accessing and browsing this website, or by using the services offered
here, you implicitly accept the general conditions (and as such the Privacy
Policy and Cookies Policy). Please read carefully.
In this Privacy Policy we inform you of:
– Who is the data controller for your data?
– What authority do we have to process your data?
– Who can supply us with data?
– What data do we collect?
– How is the information used?
– E-mail communications
– How and where is the information shared?
– For how long are we going to keep the personal data?
– Security of your data
– What rights do you have?
– Person responsible for Privacy
– Changes to the Privacy Policy
Who is the data controller for your data?
Calle Maldonado, 1 A. Planta 3
28006 Madrid (Spain)
TAX ID (CIF) G-82409020
What authority do we have to process your data?

The legal basis that authorizes us to process your data is the fact that we
have obtained your consent by your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.
Who can supply us with data?
By accessing our website, you warrant that all data you supply, whether
compulsory for the provision of some service or information, or voluntary if
you wish to co-operate with us or leave a comment on one of our blogs or
participate in our petitions, are true and correct; in other words, that they
correspond to your real situation. Providing these data means that they
have been supplied voluntarily and with consent so that they can be
processed in both computerized and non-automated manner, for defined
and legitimate purposes which are described by the Entreculturas Fe y
Alegría Foundation below, and they are not used for incompatible
purposes, nor are they assigned to third parties without your consent.
What data do we collect?
When you request information, or sign up for our newsletters, or
participate in our activities, or provide your support to our campaigns, or
contact us via e-mail, or post comments on our blogs, we may ask you to
supply us with a series of personal data and information such as your
names and surnames, address, e-mail address, contact telephone number,
The data we require, and which are subject to processing, will always be
appropriate, pertinent, and not disproportionate to the request for
information, co-operation with, and/or participation in the Entreculturas
Fe y Alegría Foundation.
How is the information used?
Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation will use the information you
supply us for the purposes required in each one of the online forms for the
collection of data:
a) Responding to requests for information by users. If you request
information from us, we will process your data for the purpose of receiving,
administering, processing, and replying to queries and requests for
information sent to us via the online contact methods or sent to our offices
or branches.
b) Subscribing to the Jesuit Networking newsletter. We will process your
identification and e-mail data to send you our news and newsletters. You
can unsuscribe at any time.

c) Participating in collaboration proposals and posting comments on our
blogs. In order to participate in our blogs and for your comment to be
posted, we will process the user and e-mail data for the purpose of
identifying and administering the publication of the said comment on our
E-mail communications
When you send a query or request for information to our contact e-mail
address, you are deliberately and expressly consenting to the processing
of the data you supply to Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation.
In our e-mails you will find information on how to revoke your consent or
unsuscribe from receiving any communications from Jesuit Networking.
How and where is the information shared?
Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation hereby expressly informs you
that in the event that you co-operate or participate in certain activities, we
will assign your data to the participating bodies, authorities, banks, or any
other similar entities, in accordance with the pertinent legal provisions, for
the purpose of the corporate administration of the information.
For how long are we going to keep the personal data?
• The personal data will be kept for as long as you are linked to us.
• Once you are no longer linked to us, the personal data processed for
each purpose will be kept for the length of time stipulated in the
legislation, including for the term during which a judge or court is entitled
to request them in accordance with the statute of limitation for judicial
Security of the data supplied
The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation takes the security of all
information and personal data we process very seriously. Unfortunately,
the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure,
and as such we take steps and allocate resources towards improving our
website every day to ensure that the features that we make available to
you are as secure as possible. (The https feature has been implemented
for the online forms for members and donations in order to protect
economic and financial details with SSL encryption tools.)
Once we have received your information, security measures are
implemented to ensure access, confidentiality and integrity, and to avoid
any loss, misuse and/or alteration of the data under our control. Our
security and privacy policies are regularly reviewed and improved as
necessary and only authorized personnel can access user information.

What rights do you have?
• To know whether or not we are processing your data.
• To access your personal data.
• To seek the correction of any errors in your data.
• To seek the deletion of your data if they are no longer necessary for the
purposes for which they were collected or if you withdraw your consent.
• In some cases, to seek the limitation of the processing of your data, in
which case we would only keep them in accordance with the regulations in
• To send you the data that ENTRECULTURAS holds about you. This
would be supplied in a structured, commonly-used, machine-readable
format, or if you prefer, we could send it to the new data controller
designated by you. (This only applies in certain circumstances.)
• To file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency or other valid
regulatory body, if you consider that we have not treated you fairly.
• To revoke the consent you have given for any kind of processing, at any
If you change any of your data, please let us know so that we can keep
your data up to date.
The website may contain links to or from other
websites, including our sponsors, members, associated companies, or
partners, inter alia. If you access these sites, you should bear in mind that
they too may ask for your personal data or information. As such, we would
ask you to view their Privacy Policy when you visit these sites.
Person responsible for Privacy
You can request the exercise of your rights at any time and completely
free of charge, either by post or by e-mail. Your request must be
accompanied by a photocopy of your ID Card (DNI) / Foreign-National ID
(NIE) Card / Passport, given that this right can only be exercised
personally and directly by the holder.
Requests must be sent to the Person Responsible for Privacy at the
following address:

Att. Jesuit Networking
Calle Maldonado, 1 A. Planta 3.
28006 Madrid (Spain)
Changes to the Privacy Policy
The Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Foundation may change or amend its
Privacy and Personal-Data Processing Policy. We recommend that you
view it every time you visit the website so as to ensure that you are always
informed in advance of supplying us with any data.

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