Reconciliation & Peace: Mapping Jesuit higher-ed initiatives

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

to map Jesuit higher education initiatives in Reconciliation and Peace

Description of our collaboration proposal

The need for healing and reconciliation is no simple matter involving, as it does, truth, transparency and a willingness to acknowledge the sins of the past. Are there examples of the way a university has contributed to the process of peace and reconciliation? What can Jesuit institutions do to contribute to peace and reconciliation within the communities within which they find themselves?


The IAJU Task Force on Reconciliation and Peace is mapping the various initiatives in reconciliation (practices, research, activities) developed by Jesuit higher education institutions around the world. The initiatives will be mapped, shared, and made available within and amongst the six regions to promote collaboration and networking.

For that purpose, the Task Force is inviting Jesuit universities worldwide to complete this survey either in English or Spanish or send it to 


Needs, support or request

Please fill in this survey if you know of any peace and reconciliation initiatives carried out by Jesuit universities.


Do not hesitate to share this initiative! For more information, do not hesitate to contact Jacques Haers SJ (

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