Perspectives from the Jesuit Network

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

to inspire and strengthen the international Jesuit higher education community

Description of our collaboration proposal

The reading of the "signs of the times" is key in the way of proceeding in the Jesuit Universities around the world. Thus, interpreting reality and responding to it in an assertive, compassionate and committed fashion has been fundamental to concretize the Mission of the Society of Jesus.

Therefore, the Arrupe Initiatives and the McGrath Institute of the University of San Francisco, created a space called "Perspectives of the Jesuit Network," an effort to share contributions from the leaders of the Jesuit apostolates to bring us closer to other realities and strengthen our international community. Once a month, the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) collects on its website and newsletter the reflections of various leaders in Jesuit higher education.


Needs, support or request

IAJU invites you to read the articles, reflect on them, and share them. Subscribe to the IAJU's newsletter so you don't miss any edition of Perspectives from the Jesuit Network.

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