Infographic to Educate in Jesuit Values

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

to raise awareness of Jesuit educational values

Description of our collaboration proposal

FLACSI and EDUCSI, the main networks of Jesuit schools in Latin America and Spain, together with Jesuit School Network in North America, have presented the new version of the infographic "Our global dimension". It seeks to reflect the interconnectedness of the global Jesuit community, the values that Jesuit schools represent and to promote interculturality. In doing so, it seeks to move towards global citizenship, creating global social justice projects and interconnecting classrooms through activities.

This infographic was designed by Brian Carney, Mike Ward and Paul Muller, directors of admissions at different educational institutions in the United States, who sought to show the characteristics of Jesuit education. In this video they talk about how to use this tool.

Needs, support or request

You can consult and download the infographic for your school here. It is also possible to edit the information about your school's global projects and include your school's logo and website.

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