Common Discernment in a Synodal Church

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

Boston College offers a MOOC (massive open online course) on Common discernment and decision making in a Synodal Church.

Description of our collaboration proposal

This Course includes some of the most relevant topics and speakers on this area, some of them are:

  • Responsibility and Teamwork by Nathalie Becquart and Philippe Becquart);
  • Leadership in the Church by David McCallum;
  • Consensus Building by Emili Turú;
  • Models of Discernment in Asia by Christina Kheng;
  • Discernment in Common by Laurence Lubières;
  • Decision-making and decision-taking models in the Church by Serena Noceti;

The course format is as follows:

  • Introductory Lectures to the program
  • Week 1 offers some criteria that will help to assess and deepen the theology and practice of communal discernment and the building of ecclesial consensus.
  • Week 2 focuses on the elaboration and decision making in the Church. One of the great challenges for a new institutional model.Week 3 and final weeks offers reflections on leadership and governance in the Church, and how many of the changes in the Church in the third millennium depend on this.

This program is asynchronous and participants can complete all elements of the course in their own time. Each week requires a time commitment of approximately three hours. The registration for this course is free and it opened on July 4th.

Needs, support or request

Please, find in this link the access to the course and all information related:

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    I would like to join the training. How much are the fees?

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