“A Hunger for a Better World”

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

to understand our role in tackling hunger and poverty

Description of our collaboration proposal

Jesuit universities collaborate for a collective intelligence at the service of society.


We have arrived at a time when so many challenges face the world that the demand for large-scale, systemic change has become clear and urgent. Too many populations face extreme global poverty and lack of access to essential goods and services. Technological advancements provide widespread quality-of-life improvements, while also exacerbating income inequality. In an increasingly interconnected world, individuals and organizations have incredible opportunities to create both positive change and lasting destruction.

"Hunger for a Better World" is the result of reflection and collaboration between Fordham University (USA), Esade Business School (Spain) and the International Association of Jesuit Universities IAJU, with the purpose of a new approach to be adopted in the education of professionals, shaping leaders capable of creating a just social order.


Needs, support or request

Consult the document "Hunger for a better world". Please, reflect and share with anyone who might be interested.

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