Network information


Description of the Network

ICAJE serves as an advisory council to the Secretariat for Education of the Society of Jesus, in order to assist Fr. General with a specific quality service in the field of education.  

ICAJE serves the following purposes:

1. To help the Secretariat coordinate the regions.
2. To communicate to the Jesuit Conference, Provincials, and especially to Province Delegates for Secondary Education, the results of ICAJE meetings, and to suggest ways in which the recommendations can be implemented.
3. To be in communication with one another and with the Secretariat for Education in the Curia, so that greater information and a sense of unity and networking can be accomplished.
4. To communicate to the Secretariat the concerns, challenges and accomplishments of the Jesuit schools in the world.
5. To contribute to the current challenge for Jesuit Schools to become a global network in our current context.
6. To contribute to the renewal of the Apostolate of Jesuit Education.