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Les Deux Rives’ is a network that promotes Christian-Muslim relations by engaging in interreligious dialogue with Islam.

Les Deux Rives is a Jesuit work with a clear relationship with the Society of Jesus. Its mission arises from a commitment to a faith that does justice through interreligious dialogue and a creative engagement with culture (GC35 Decree 6).

Les Deux Rives offers a Catholic perspective of Islam. Their work is interdisciplinary, exploring the theology of both faiths as well as sociological and “politological” approaches. While Jesuits around the world have different ways of viewing and dealing with interreligious relations, mainly for historical and cultural reasons, there is a shared way of approaching the topic. This approach can be found at the Mediterranean countries where all the Jesuits, who belong to Les Deux Rives, are present.

The team of Les Deux Rives also organises joint events that promote mutual understanding among Muslims and Christians.


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