Network information


  • Network Leader
    Tiffany Trejo
  • Headquarters Address
    Jirón Fulgencio Valdez 780 - Breña - Lima - Perú

  • Phone
    +51 (1) 433 8110 / 7747650
  • Email

Mission Statement

The ROPC is a response to the needs of improving internal and external communication of the organizations that make up CPAL. It is formed by the members of the Communication Offices of the 12 Provinces and CPAL's networks; locally and regionally committed people with knowledge, skills and communication responsibilities.

Description of the Network

Among its objectives are: sharing, knowing and disseminating good communication practices, recognizing and manifesting needs, managing common initiatives, generating a culture of collaboration within the organization; always with the intention of providing better and greater service to the Mission of the Society of Jesus.