Network information


Mission Statement

To leverage the Jesuit engineering schools and coordinate the mobilization to address the priority issues discerned by the Society of Jesus and especially the third one mentioned for us by Fr Garanzini (see "IAJU Charter & Strategic plan") : "Promote awareness and a sense of urgency for an integrated economic and environmental justice through education, research and advocacy in all our schools"

Description of the Network

Among the 200 jesuit universities, around 50 have an engineering school. The network wants to foster collaboration between these engineering schools in the global dynamic of IAJU.

Our goals: 

  • Contribute to humanizing engineering, to promote a new generation of engineers, scientists and researchers, deeply rooted and trained in the spirit of integral ecology [Laudato Si] and eager to include a radical ecological conversion in their professional, associative, civic engagements.
  • Conducting community based research and action with a global perspective and through ambitious common projects in response to crucial issues towards a more integrated economic and environmental justice.
  • Sustaining a worldwide community driven by a living sense of fellowship, belonging and solidarity