Network information


Mission Statement

CTEWC is undertaking four areas of activity:

  1. fostering new scholars in theological ethics,
  2. sponsoring regional conferencing (Manila, 2008; Nairobi, 2012; Berlin, 2013; Bangalore, 2015; Latin America, 2016),
  3. supporting the exchange of ideas via our web site (, and
  4. publishing a book series. 

Description of the Network

We are people interested in Catholic Theological Ethics.  We are people interested in meeting and networking with other people sharing that interest.  Many, though certainly not all of us, are trained in theological ethics.

We are all around the world.

In 2002, we began to plan to have the first Cross-Cultural International Conference of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC).   On July 8, 2006, four hundred people from fifty-four countries interested in Catholic Theological Ethics arrived in Padua, Italy to discuss what the ethical challenges were on each of our continents, what the resources we used to address those challenges, and what hope we held for the future.  We also considered the sources from our tradition of Catholic Theological Ethics, the question of religious pluralism, the issue of globalization and justice, and the topic of authority in theological investigation.

After 2006, we began to plan again for a second international conference.   On July 24, 2010, six hundred people from nearly seventy-five countries, writing and working in Catholic Theological Ethics, arrived in Trento Italy.  For the next three days we discussed the past, present and future of our work and began to lay plans for the future.