“Tales for Peace” competition for schools

The goal of our collaboration proposal is

to stimulate writing and drawing through the eyes of others

Description of our collaboration proposal

"Tales for Peace" is a proposal of the Lux Institute of Mexico, which since 2014 has been inviting Jesuit students to be inspired and participate with their works.

In this new edition, "Tales for Peace 2022" has the slogan #InTheEyesOfOthers, motivating participants to write stories observing the world from the loving gaze of the others. Here you can read all the information about the call for entries.


Needs, support or request

To participate you only need to be a student, teacher or administrative staff of a Jesuit school, and you can participate in two ways:

WRITTEN STORY. Written in Spanish, English or French. The categories are:

a. Individual story: one person
b. Team story: two or more people, up to a maximum of five.
c. Collective storytelling: the whole class writes it down.

DRAWN STORY. Pencil, charcoal graphite, pastels, coloured pencils, crayons, watercolours, acrylic paints, inks, oils, black and white technique.


Stories and drawings will be received until Sunday 6 March 2022. The selected works will be published in the anthology Tales for Peace 2022 in April.

The selected authors and illustrators will be recognised and their work will be published in the eighth electronic anthology of Tales For Peace. This anthology will be shared with the Jesuit educational community around the world.


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