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  • Jorge Serrano


Reflections from "Justice in the Global Economy"

“Justice in the global economy” is the title of a report recently published by Promotio Iustitiae and promoted by Fr. […]

Looking forward: “a candle is not lighted to place it under the table"

Throughout the third week of November Jesuits and laypeople gathered in Loyola, Spain coming from some of the most important […]

Daily Recap: Global Networks evaluate their work over the past year

During these days, we have not only been evaluating, planning and working. The mutual trust and listening we have experienced while here in Loyola is...

Daily Recap: Sharing our Networking Best Practices

As we close the third day of “Networking for Justice”, we will devote this post to sharing some of the best practices identified by each...

Responding to the invitation to network

There are several initiatives that have merged in the Ignatian environment to respond to the mandate launched by the 35th General Congregation to enhance global...

Networking for Justice

From November 16th through the 20th, an international meeting entitled "Networking for Justice" will take place in Loyola, Spain gathering the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network...