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Prison Network: For a humane and effective justice

The International Jesuit Prison Network This network was established in 2014 to link the many Jesuits and Jesuit institutions involved […]

Jesuits who Cartographed the World

The scientific tradition of the Jesuits in the mission lands involved contributions in the fields of astronomy, natural history, ethnography, […]

Intense Summer for Global Jesuit Networks

After two years of pandemic, many of the international networks are taking the opportunity to resume the rhythm of meetings […]

Lent’s Proposals from the Jesuit Network

This year, on the 400th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint Ignatius, we are seeking to celebrate Lent together. From […]

Barcelona 2022: Registration is open!

The 10th World Congress of Jesuit Alumni is planned for 13-17 July 2022 in Barcelona. This meeting aims to bring […]

Experience Advent with the Network ?

The Jesuit network prepares Advent with various proposals to live it all together. The diversity of the networks and institutions […]

Official launch of the Jesuit Global Network of Schools

Since 2012 we have seeing the global map of Jesuit schools being replicated in a multitude of Jesuit schools and […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Forming a Network

The Jesuit Network project promotes networking in the Society of Jesus as a way of offering joint responses to regional […]

What’s on your phone? 7 apps for Ignatian spirituality

Throughout its history and in many areas, the Society of Jesus has explored new ways of reaching out to people […]

The Jesuit network gets involved for World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on 20 June. This international day was designated by the United Nations to […]