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Arandú: Communication at the service of the mission.

The name, inspired by a Guaraní word “Arandú” is a virtual training space inspired by the needs of the communications […]

Common Discernment and Decision Making in the Church

The Synod on Synodality has been inaugurated in October 2021 by Pope Francis and will culminate with the celebration of the XVI […]

Transforming our World through Network Research: The Iñigo de Loyola Initiative

The Iñigo de Loyola Initiative (IIL) arose in response to a need in a specific local context in the Basque […]

From the international to the cosmopolitan university

There was a time, back in the 19th century, when the triumph of nationalism, the loss of Latin as a […]

The ESEJOVEN Network: The Commitment to Youth in Peru

Accompanying young people has been a constant challenge for the Jesuit Province of Peru. This is made apparent by its […]

Keeping hope alive: the work of JRS during the pandemic

In 2020 the global COVID-19 crisis changed our world. Already fleeing from war, violence, and emergency situations, forcibly displaced people […]

Challenges and responses to the pandemic in Asia Pacific

In the first months of the pandemic —May 2020— the Social Ministries of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific collected […]

Towards an Arrupe Network

At the end of this november the Dean and Executive Director of Arrupe College (Chicago), Steve Katsouros, SJ, announced that […]

Global Meeting of Social Delegates and GIAN Networks

Following a call of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, social delegates and leaders of the global advocacy networks met […]

AUSJAL Mobility Scholarship Program

EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked  Susana del Carmen Ditrolio, AUSJAL Executive Director, to share a short report about this scholarship program, its pilot experience […]