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  • Dani Villanueva


Why Networking: Greater Collaboration for the Mission

Frequently we say that one of the characteristics of modernity is pluralism. We have ceased to be a homogeneous world, […]

Wiring the universal apostolic body

Jesuit Strategic communications and networking on the COVID era We may be experiencing one of the key global turning points […]

Rome Secretariats: Exploring Jesuit Global Networking

These offices —in charge of the care of the different apostolic sectors at the global level— have found in global […]

International Working Groups

In our previous post, as part of the recommendations for intersectoral work, we suggested that a commission or working group […]

Recommendations for Intersectoral Collaboration

A recurring question in most workshops and talks on international networks is how to advance intersectoral collaboration. It is a […]

Learning from the Social Sector in Italy and Spain

Last week we had an interesting conversation with Giacomo Costa, SJ and Luis Arancibia social leaders of the Society of […]

On Networking and Global Citizenship

We have already mention how the progressive articulation of our international apostolic body is opening up new opportunities to all […]

Creating Value through Network Strategies

“But… why do we need networks? What do they offer to us?” These are the questions that everybody posses when […]

An Ecosystem for Networks?

As the website becomes known, there are many who write to us asking what exactly this project is. Since […]

Be Part of Something Bigger

It is curious how the concept of networking generates passions at both the most enthusiastic end, those who find answers […]