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  • Dani Villanueva


The Sleeping Giant of the Alumnae

Under the slogan “United by Values, Moved by the Future” and within the framework of the 5th centenary of the […]

The “Dance” Between Hierarchy and Jesuit Networks

The solution to this eternal tension is a governance capable of jointly providing a double level of apostolic leadership: the […]

Fe y Alegría identifies its challenges as a global movement

The progressive global focus of the International Federation brings new challenges and tensions to the movement that are being analyzed […]

Jesuit Networks: Going Beyond Coordination

The emergence of apostolic network structures in response to the new inter-sectoral or supra-provincial complexities of the Society’s mission is […]

Marist Brothers build their Global Network of Schools

The Marist Global Network of Schools is a project of the Institute of the Marist Brothers in search of structures […]

A Global Network for the Global Compact

From October 21-23, 2021, coordinated by the International Union Superiors General and organized by the Nazareth Global Education team, an […]

The Global Dynamic of the Jesuit Development Offices

For more than 14 years the Society of Jesus at the global level has been encouraging the creation and strengthening of province development […]

Why Networking: Greater Collaboration for the Mission

Frequently we say that one of the characteristics of modernity is pluralism. We have ceased to be a homogeneous world, […]

Wiring the universal apostolic body

Jesuit Strategic communications and networking on the COVID era We may be experiencing one of the key global turning points […]

Rome Secretariats: Exploring Jesuit Global Networking

These offices —in charge of the care of the different apostolic sectors at the global level— have found in global […]