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Indigenous Apostolate Network face-to-face meeting

From 17 to 21 October, the face-to-face meeting of the CPAL’s Indigenous Solidarity and Apostolate Network (RSAI) was held in […]

The Claver Network articulated work

After 3 years they are holding their annual meeting once again After three years, the Claver Network once again had […]

Network of Latin American Parishes working for a better future

The Latin American Network of Jesuit Parishes held its second meeting with the aim of uniting young people in the […]

3rd Pan-Amazonian Jesuit Pre-Forum

The Brazilian city of Belém of Pará is hosting this meeting prior to the 10th Pan-Amazon Social Forum to deepen […]

A deep dive into Comparte Network

Networks are a “way of life” for the CPAL (Provincials’ Conference of Latin America). Even though diverse networks have developed […]

ECO-EDUCATION Resources from Laudato Si’

CPAL is part of the Laudato Si’ Platform for Action, the fruit of collaboration between the Vatican and an international […]

Fe y Alegría Launches its Network of Educators

The XLVIII International Congress of Fe y Alegría took place from October 26 to 29 under the theme Educators of […]

CPAL networking for social transformation

We are living through a change of era. We are experiencing a crisis of meaning, of values, the socio-environmental crisis […]

The educational networks in Latin America

The educational service provided by the Society of Jesus is one of its most important apostolates, both in terms of […]

Call for Global Compact on Education

Education has transformative power and brings us hope, it invites participation and transformation. CPAL joins the call of Pope Francis […]